LIU Blackboard Quiz Converter

This is a tool to create quiz file which you / IT can load into blackboard. Create simple format of quiz in Microsoft Word, and paste it in the text box below, or you can directly type contents. For quick start, Click here to try our sample quiz.

First, indicate the type of question. If you want to ask Multiple Choice Question, type MC, and then separate your question with hat ^ symbol.

MC^Hello my question 1

Next, let's append some answers. Put star * symbol to indicate the correct answer.

MC^Hello my question 1
Possible Answer 1
*Correct Answer 2
Another possible Answer 3

That was easy. Before you add another question, add empty new line to separate them. Check out the examples below.

MC^Question for Multiple Choice.  
Answer 1
Answer 2
Answer 2
*Use Star to indicate correct Answer

MA^Question for Multiple Answer
*Use Star to indicate correct Answer 1
Incorrect Answer 1
*Use Star to indicate correct Answer 2
Incorrect Answer 2

ESS^Question for Essay or short answer

MAT^Question for Matching. Use tab to separate answer.
Option 1	Answer 1
Option 2	Answer 2

TF^Question for True or False. Type answer below.
MCMultiple ChoiceOnly One Correct Answer
MAMultiple AnswerMultiple Correct Answers
ESSEssayStudents can enter free form text
MATMatchingStudents will match combinations
TFTrue / FalseAnswer will be True or False

Finish editing the quiz questions? Click Download button below and export them as Blackboard Quiz file.

If you wish to upload the quiz file by yourself, go to Course Tools > Edit > Upload. Watch this video (1:16~) for more details.

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