LIU Calendar Guidelines

  1. Always double check the calendar before submitting an event to avoid creating duplicate events (Be sure to check the calendar without any filters incase the topical areas were not selected during submission)
  2. Event description:
    • Character limit of 1000
    • Watch your spacing
    • Don’t include date/time/location here (there are separate fields for this)
  3. Keep in mind that if you are adding a link to the "Additional Event URL" it will be added after the last item in the Event description.
  4. Option to add/suggest a location if it’s not already listed: Should be written as "Post-location" and "Brooklyn-location"
  5. Always include a contact, if there is none, select "none"
  6. Topical areas:
    • Select at least 1 (in addition to audience)
    • This helps filter the event on to the appropriate calendars, so choose as accurately as possible
    • At least 1 item under Post/Brooklyn must be selected in order for the event to show under a "Post" or "Brooklyn" keyword search